Sky-SB Maps

We provide SKYSURF sky-SB maps, which we call SUB files. These are created during the ProFound Median algorithm described in O'Brien et al. (2022). Each pixel in a SUB fits files corresponds to a single Profound Median sub-region. It should be noted that the WCS of the SUB files is only accurate up to 0.2 arcsec.

Please refer to O'Brien et al. (2022) for more details. If you use these measurements, please reference this paper. Feel free to email with questions.


Download all WFC3/UVIS SUB files

Filter SUB Files File Size of .zip
F225W 40 MB
F275W 138 MB
F300X 4.3 MB
F336W 131 MB
F390W 29 MB
F438W 30 MB
F475X 9.1 MB
F475W 29 MB
F555W 29 MB
F606W 170 MB
F625W 13 MB
F775W 6.9 MB
F850LP 6.4 MB
F814W 184 MB


Download all WFC3/IR SUB files

Filter SUB Files File Size of .zip
F098M 12 MB
F105W 51 MB
F110W 60 MB
F125W 59 MB
F140W 49 MB
F160W 190 MB


Download all ACS/WFC SUB files

Filter SUB Files File Size of .zip
F435W 161 MB
F475W 165 MB
F555W 59 MB
F606W 479 MB
F625W 46 MB
F775W 269 MB
F814W 831 MB
F850LP 278 MB